Explanation to the Journal Submission Forms
All authors that submit an article for one of our journals, have to sign our Journal Submission Forms. In this document we give a short overview of the contents of these forms.

NB. Please note that not all topics are covered in this explanation and the author still needs to read the full text of the agreement before signing it.

Three types of forms
There are three types of Journal Submission Forms:

1. the regular form, for the majority of the articles;

2. the form for green open access. This form can only be used if open access regulations apply, for instance if the article results from research funded (wholly or in part) with public funds, or if the author made the article as an employee of a university or a publicly funded research institute;
(download copyright form)

3. the form for gold open access, for authors or organizations that pay a financial compensation to use the article.
(download copyrightform)

There are two copyright forms used to facilitate the open access publication of journal articles. Those that EAGE currently offer to the authors are can be downloaded below. More information can be found under ‘Open Access Information’.
(download copyright form)

Copyrights and publishing rights
No copyrights are transferred with the signing of the form. The author (or any other party such as an employer that holds the rights) remains the copyright holder.

The Journal Submission Forms grant EAGE-Pb amongst others the right to publish the article in one of its journals, to add it to its online EarthDoc database and to offer it as download or pay-per-view. In order to do so, EAGE-Pb is allowed to edit the work, for instance to amend the layout.

The license to EAGE-Pb is royalty-free and exclusive. This means that all third parties, including the right holder itself, are not allowed to publish the article. Exceptions are made for articles that fall within the scope of the green or gold open access forms.

Exclusivity for green open access
If it concerns an article to which green open access rules apply, the author can publish the article himself after 12 months from the date of first publication of the article by EAGE-Pb. This needs to be done free of charge. The author then needs to mention that the article was first published by EAGE-Pb and in which journal. The author can use the final text version of the article as published in the journal, but is not allowed to use the lay-out of EAGE-Pb or any pictures that were added to the text by EAGE-Pb.

Exclusivity for gold open access
If it concerns a gold open access form, the author is immediately allowed to publish the work himself. Full reference needs to be made to the source of the first publication, e.g. the name of the journal. EAGE-Pb will also make the article available to the public free of charge. In return, the author will pay an amount of €1000 to EAGE-Pb.

Delivery of the article
The author needs to deliver a complete draft of the article in Word format, if applicable together with any other materials such as tables or graphics. All materials need to be in a publishable, high resolution format. When submitting any documents, the guidelines of EAGE-Pb need to be taken into account, that are published on its website.

No infringement
The author needs to make sure that nothing prohibits the publication of the article by EAGE-Pb. Amongst others, the author declares that the article does not infringe any intellectual property rights of third parties (i.e. that the author is authorized to use the text and any images or other materials), that the article does not contain any libelous matter and is not defamatory or obscene, and that it does not contain any faulty or illegal information that brings EAGE-Pb or other third parties into disrepute.

In case of multiple authors, the author needs to make sure that the co-authors agree with the publication of the article by EAGE-Pb. Furthermore, he will ensure that all co-authors will also sign the form.

Should you have any questions about the forms, please do not hesitate to contact us at all times.

Phone: +31 889955055; ask for the Media Production Department.

Email: eagepublications@eage.org